xadsen is a monitor for "GOOGLE ADSENSE"(*) that runs as a little window in your desktop (like xmem, xbiff, and so on). xadsen will show the earning for today and yesterday, together with the percentage and number of clicks for the two days, this will allow you to stay informed about your earning without to have to log multiple times in your "ADSENSE"(*) account, but just looking at the xadsen window in your desktop.
xadsen is Free Software, under the terms of the GPL license.

xadsen running on my desktop together with xclock and the fvwm2 pager (earning data is just an example)

Download and Installation

The current version of xadsen is xadsen-0.2.tar.gz. Inside the tar.gz there is a README file with istructions for the installation and configuration process. xadsen requires Tcl/Tk and Tcl TLS installed in order to work (they are both in Debian).
The 0.2 version contains modified versions of the HTTPS queries as result of Google updates to the service.

(*) GOOGLE and ADSENSE are trademarks of Google Inc.

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This page and xadsen are Copyright(C) 2004 Salvatore Sanfilippo