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PHP Interactive, a web based interactive shell for PHP


Playing with languages like Python, Tcl or Scheme, one of the first nice things the programmer discovers is a powerful interactive shell where you can try in little time some line of code, and see the result printed on the standard output. Unfortunately PHP does not have support for such a nice feature, there is the command line option -a, but it's very basic, and not that useful. Also what makes php -a not so useful is the fact that PHP is a language for web applications: often the program output is html code, so, doesn't it make sense that a PHP shell will run on the web?. This is the simple idea that PHP Interactive tries to develop.

PHP Interactive is a simple PHP program that lets the user to write code in a text area (actually multiple text areas, with tabs to switch), and see the output of the code just pressing the update button. The scripts are persistent, and the program supports a raw and html output mode, in order to see the raw script output or to interpret it as html.

PHP Interactive session screenshot
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  • PHP Interactive is free software under the terms of the GPL license. It's also freeware, you don't need to pay to use it.
  • You can install it on a server, in a password protected folder in order to have a little development system that works on-line, this way it's possible to continue a program from everywhere if there is a browser.
  • No database required, just a simple PHP installation.
  • Multiple scripts at the same time, with tabbing support.
  • Multi-user, as long as different users work on different tabs.
  • It's a simple PHP script, you will find very easy to modify and adapt this script for your needs.

Download PHP Interactive 0.2
(check what's new)

Source code of version 0.2 phpinteractive-0.2.tar.gz


phpa, an interactive command line shell for PHP

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