mp3ai is a small C program I use to burn audio CDs starting from MP3 files. The main goal is to show the total playtime of the target files but it also displays general information about mp3 files.

mp3ai try to be broken-mp3-resistant, so it should hopefully be able to display the right information if the file have a RIFF header, IDv2 tag or other proprietary headers/garbage prepended.

Note that both the mpeg syncronization header and ID3 tag are unsane, and there is _no way_ to detect they without ambiguity, so mp3ai may fail with some file.

mp3ai does not support VBR files so you may get an incorrect song playtime against this kind of files. It can't show ID3v2 tags.

mp3ai is free software under the terms of the GPL license
See the COPYING file in the distribution for more information.
download mp3ai release 0
Salvatore Sanfilippo <antirez@invece.org>

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